Convenient, secure and super chic, welcome to 18 Jorissen ladies res. The pretty 3 year old all girls res is, logistically, one of the best private off-campus residences in Braamfontein.

18 jorissen is located right outside Wits university – literally the other side of the road of Wits’ Empire, Jorissen entrance. It’s also not so far from UJ Apk campus and AFDA. The building also has added security to provide peace of mind to students. Tenants are receive 24 hour security and can only access the building using biometric security – finger print access.

Apart from the logistics, 18 Jorissen provides girls with a highly conducive academic environment. The interior of the building is impeccable, the communal showers and toilets are beautiful. because this is a self-catering res, girls have access to a fully equipped communal kitchen (expect a stove, oven, microwave – it has a fridge but bring your own for security purposes). Please don't forget your crockery and cutlery. Along with that, there is a dedicated 24 hour study center.

Rooms sizes vary, girls can either apply for a single room, a single room with an en-suite toilet, a 2 bedroom sharing room or a 3 or more sharing room. All rooms are fully furnished with a bed, desk, chair, and a built in cupboard. As an added extra, girls are provided with a bed warmer for the winter as long as uncapped Wi-fi.

Also, the building is cleaned everyday, but girls have to keep their own rooms clean – only communal areas are cleaned by the cleaning staff.

How to secure your room:

All tenants are required to a registration fee of R1 500 (new tenants) or R750 (returning tenants). Please note, the registration fee is non-refundable

The deposit, which is refundable, amounts to 1 months rent

Rent is different for each type of room:

Single bedroom, with a toilet............. R6 300 pm

Single Bedroom, excl. toilet..............  R5 900 pm

2 bedroom sharing.............................  R4 200 pm

3 or more person sharing a room....... R3 500 pm

​For applications, please email Liezl at subject: TSD 18j application

Alternatively, call the following numbers:

011 403 2171

074 288 6608

Word of caution.

Although this place is awesome in terms of distance to school, free uncapped Wi-Fi and a well designed building, many find management a bit of a problem. alot of previous tenants have complained about a lot of things - i.e. being told that you're sharing with 4 other girls, and suddenly sharing with 5; to being forced to sign a 12 month lease without first consulting your parents, were the lease was previously a 10 month lease. But we hope that 3 years into the game, they provide you and your fellow tenants with an amazing stay.

- TSD Team

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